How to convert PSD into WordPress

WordPress is a popular content management system (CMS), and because of its easy to use by most designers in the development of websites or blogs. It is established as a leader in blogging platforms, and its ease of use makes it a very desirable CMS. Features of WordPress include easy link management and simple ways of tagging posts and articles. It is search engine friendly, which improves website or blog traffic. It is customizable, and developers can add plug-ins and [...]

WordPress Tips and Tricks

I would like to share some useful WordPress Tips and Tricks how to secure your WP website. If you are just starting to use WP as Content Management System for you website, all information below is good for you. 1. Do not have admin as your username Never choose “admin” as username of your Administrator account. The reason is simple because this name is usually used in WordPress setup examples. This username is common and is relatively easy to guess. [...]

How to choose eCommerce platform

A growing number of entrepreneurs are turning to eCommerce to market and sell products. Online sales have been increasing year on year as more people turn to the convenience and flexibility afforded by eCommerce. Although the idea of starting an eCommerce site seems effortless, there is a clear strategy that needs to be followed top obtain positive results. The steps include selecting the industry and product, listing the product manufacturers and setting up the website. Selecting the industry and product [...]