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Hello, I am SEO freelancer and digital expert from Melbourne who provide SEO services for local businesses and individuals. With millions of websites, you want customers to see your page when they search for a service or product you offer. Modern search algorithms use over 200 variables to calculate where your site should show up. Though it may sound like a cliche, it is true that content is KING when it comes to SEO. Content that is relevant, engaging and reliable is just as important to SEO as how your website is set-up.
I can help you ensure that your website is both content-rich and set-up in a way that appeals to search engines. I have experience optimising websites for large and small businesses, and have a proven track record of improving the search rankings of these sites.

Local SEO

Do you need someone to help with Updates?

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Sometimes when you use third-party tools, including add-ons and plugings, updates can affect your business digital presence, causing problems and making it difficult or impossible to fix. I will ensure that your system up to date and running properly. This will ensure that your site is always fast and reliable for customers.


Maintenance is very important part to keep business ahead

Website Maintenance Melbourne

If you are looking for further maintenance assistance, I am here to help. I can help optimise your page so it loads quickly, runs efficiently and provides visitors with a first-class experience. I can also help you with web page content to maximise search engine rankings, as well as content that appeals to your local market.


I will help you to optimize your business goals.

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As a business owner, you have more important things to do than deal with than the day-to-day issues involved in running a website or an applications. I am as a digital and marketing professional, have the ability to pinpoint flaws in a website or an app that may be harming any business online presence.


SEO services are of many types. Some popular and necessary SEO services which are compulsory are:

  • Local Search
  • Link Building
  • SEO content writing
  • On-page SEO Optimization
  • Off-page SEO Optimization
  • SEO Citation building

SEO is an unlimited quest due. The above-given SEO services can resolve most of issues with websites.

There are many reasons for dropping the ranking in search engine pages. First of all, review all the settings related to your website and make a list of things you have done with your website up till now. There are 50% chances that you will find the problem in this way. Avoid getting more links and stop uploading more content on your website.
Run a technical SEO audit to get a solid history of your link development. Don’t take any initiative until the identification of the root cause of your ranking drop. Here is the matter in which professional SEO can help you because it provides both problem identification and solution.

The time taken by SEO to show results is totally dependent on the business SEO goals and their complexity. Existing competition is also a big factor that can affect the time taken to show SEO results. For this reason, a complete technical SEO audit is very necessary to check the performance of the website and to set SEO goals.
The cost of SEO dependent on many factors like goals, timeline and competition. You can check some indicative prices on our website with standard SEO goals and timelines.
Yes! I do local business SEO. I can provide you with a one-off audit. I also provide the services of optimization of your Google My Business account (Profile). I also provide support in ranking your ongoing GMB high in the map pack. I do it by using high-converting SEO keywords.
Note: I do not provide local SEO services for “Virtual” Locations.
Yes, I provide the service of link building according to the budget and timeline.
If you are interested in link building, you can chat with me now.
Yes, I offer Digital Marketing services. I can promote your local business website on different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, etc. I offer the services of web development/designing also.
The good website can be very helpful in search engine rankings.
You can expect better website ranking results in the search engine index. You can expect quick and immediate results from your SEO campaign. You can expect more marketing and visibility of your online business. You can expect more leads and generate more income from your online business.
SEM is the abbreviation of Search Engine Marketing. SEM includes all sorts of marketing methods through which you can rank your website higher in the search engine pages and can get more online visibility.
On the other hand, SEO is just one discipline of SEM. You can take SEM as a group of methods and SEO is one of the members of these groups. It is actually a method of ranking your website higher in the search engine by using targeted keywords.
On-page SEO is the group of techniques utilized with the page of your website to rank higher in search engine pages. In On-page SEO, the main focus is one of the pages of the website and its HTML source codes. The tactics involved in On-page SEO are:

  • Website speed performance
  • Image Optimization
  • Schema Markup
  • Keyword Optimization
  • Meta-Tags
  • URLs management

There is no external link building involves in On-page SEO.

Yes, I can. Google AdWords are one of the easiest ways to gain exposure for your website. There are a variety of options when it comes to online advertising, including pay per click models, keyword advertising and the use of social media. If you’ve never used online ads before, it can be a great way to grow your business and reach out to new segments of the market. With extensive experience using Adwords, social media advertising, Banner Ads I can help you decide what will work best for business and your budget.
Off-page SEO is totally against On-page SEO. In Off-page SEO, your main focus is on the process of external link building and getting external signals for another website. You will build links by using your Digital PR, publishing Guest posts on other websites, or contacting the owners of the websites. Off-page SEO has the same importance as on-page SEO.
SEO strategy is the process in which you get traffic and engagement by doing SEO of your local business website. SEO strategy includes getting engagement from social media, advertisements, blogs, and content and converting this engagement into leads/sales.
Of course, Yes, blogging is very helpful for SEO. On you business blog, you will create new pieces of content by using targeted keywords that people love to read. It will provide the best opportunity to rank higher your local business on the search engine. The higher and best-quality blogs you will create, the more you will get engagement from people in the organic search results.
You can imagine the importance of SEO for your business from this aspect that if your business is a body, SEO is its soul. A body cannot work without a soul. SEO will be very helpful in ranking your business website higher in the search engine and getting more and more customers, lead or sales. You can generate high income by adapting the SEO strategy.
When you upload SEO optimized business-related contents on your website which are according to the targeted keywords, people will love to read them and buy your products.

SEO for small business Showcase

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