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Freelance WordPress developer and designer from Melbourne

I have extensive experience customising and maintaining websites that use WordPress CMS. WordPress can be customised and used in almost any way you want. I am, as WordPress expert Melbourne with deep experience in web development, design and optimisation will help you to get the most out of WordPress CMS.


Are you looking for freelance wordpress designer to help you with your business website or project?

Freelance WordPress Web Designer

I have a wealth of experience using WordPress CMS.
I am as a freelance wordpress designer from Melbourne will provide professional and relible service to customise your wordpress application or site.


Are you looking for local freelance wordpress developer to build your business website or Application?

Freelance WordPress Web Developer

WordPress one of the most flexible CMS for any range of businesses. If you need help with customization or development I am as a Freelance WordPress developer Melbourne can help you with your website or project.


I am as WordPress expert from Melbourne will provide help and support with your website, application or project.

WordPress expert Melbourne

WordPress CMS is Open Source Software what needs to be updated regularly keep your business secure and avoid any risks. I provide WordPress help and support Melbourne services for local  companies.


My job as digital analyst is to understand customer behaviours and translate the data that will increase sales and conversion.

Digital Analytics for WordPress

Digital analytics is the analysis of a data from your business and the competition to drive a continual improvement of the online experience that your customers  have which translates to your desired outcomes both online and offline.

Why WordPress?

How WordPress can be used for local business and organisation?

WordPress is one of the most user-friendly Content Management Systems around and once I’ve finished developing a website, I ensure it is easy for the customer to maintain and update. Should you run into any problems, or if you just prefer to leave the maintenance to someone else, I’m happy to maintain your website for you and make the necessary changes and updates.

A well-designed site can be used to attract more business, make it easy for customers to purchase products online and if used well, it can actually reduce costs. Because WordPress is highly customisable, there are a number of plug-ins that can be used to make your business more efficient, including: inventory management, invoicing, shipping and delivery etc.

Design & Development

As a Freelance WordPress Developer, there are some additional information I need from my clients before new WordPress project begins, to ensure you get everything what your business needs.

Below please find key WordPress development steps for a successful project.

Discuss a client business needs, challenges and any unique criteria you might have to create a brief for the website.

Create a project plan. From our discussion, I will draft a brief that details what plug-ins are required, specific design preferences etc.

Design the site. This stage is purely about layout, aesthetics, and getting the design right.

Develop the site. During this stage, I’ll integrate any required plug-ins into the design and customise any applications and interfaces as required.

Feedback. Once the site is developed, I’ll walk you through it and show you the functionality of the site. You can provide me with your feedback and I’ll make any required changes or adjustments.

SEO. Once you are happy with the look and functionality of the site, we can discuss optimising it for search engines. Some of this work will be done during the development and design phase, but it is at this point that we can go into more detail and get more specific about how you want to market your business.

Analytics. Once you are happy with the look and functionality of the site, we can discuss optimising it for search engines. Some of this work will be done during the development and design phase, but it is at this point that we can go into more detail and get more specific about how you want to market your business.

PSD to WordPress Melbourne

Creating a website that is both easy to navigate and attractive, is the goal of every web designer. If you are a like most people, you might already have an idea of what you want your website to look like.

Or, if you are a designer, you might have even habe some of these ideas visualised in Photoshop. I offer PSD to WordPress service. I can help you take you designs or an idea and transform it into a fully functioning and interactive WordPress website.

Whether you are looking to create a professional WordPress site for your company, or a graphic designer who wants to turn your creative concepts into a functioning website, my PSD to WordPress experience can help you do this.

If you have any questions, or would like to discuss this service in more detail, please call me on 0466 260 937.

WordPress Websites Showcase

Below please find my portfolio


Please read what local businesses are saying about my servicesand experience.

Being on your own in business means having to ask questions to those with experience. Now I have the right man in my corner, no matter what questions may arise. Thank you very much.

When trying to implement professional wordpress development strategies, there is one thing you need above all. A wordpress expert in your pocket. That is why I decided to hire assistance from outside my business to work with us on making a kick ass wordpress website for our company.

Are you looking for a WooCommerce expert to make your websites more professional? If so, I can’t recommend a Freelancer more highly to you. Andy will make your websites sing to your customers.

Your Content Goes Here, Your Content Goes Here
If you are looking for a woocommerce or wordpress expert to have as a consultant, then look no further. Andy knows their way around all the best website software and apps around today. He will save you time and money, plus he is great to work with as business associates.

WordPress development means taking time to analyze your webpages thoroughly. There is nothing like having a team of skilled professionals do this for your company. That is why I hired freelance wordpress developer. He made it look so easy and put my worries to rest about my company and the websites we own.

Finally, someone who claims to be an expert in digital world, but really is one. Freelance wordpress developer Melbourne made a big difference in my online presence and made customers start visiting my webpages daily. I couldn’t be happier with the services he provide or the work that he have done.
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